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psuit, goggles, a face 〓mask, rubber gloves and boots, and be disinfected from head to toe. Sne〓ezing in the factory is strictly prohibited. "The standard here is str〓icter than hospital operating rooms," said Zheng Yanhai, a botany resea〓rcher at the I

institute who works at the plant factory.m

"Because all the〓 plants are growing in nutrient-filled hydroponic solutions, we do not 〓want germs to get into the liquid and mW

ake plants sick." Thanks to the〓 clean ed


nvironment, plants can grow without antiseptics or pesticides, 〓"you can even eat it fresh out of the bag", Zheng added. In addition t〓o sanitation, scientists also take temperature, humidity, air circulati〓on, light, carbon d0


ioxide, nutrients and other elements into account to〓 create the q

"perfect environment" for growth. A tightly controlled env〓ironment not only maximizes growth potential, but also allows3

scientist〓s to create food t4


hat suits specific needs, Zheng said. For example, s〓cientists ca3

n lower the amount of potassium from lettuce for patients w〓ith kidney problems or increase zinc in cabbage for childreny

by alterin〓g the nutrient soN


lution and growing conditions. "This is the fundament〓al differen9

ce between a plant factory and conventional farm," he said. 〓"We simply have extensive control over how and when our plaN

nts can grow〓, and let nature2


run its course in the most ideal conditions." The req〓uirements 6

for plant growth fall into two broad categories: photosynthes〓is and soil nutrients. The sun accounts for 90 percent of w

all botanic 〓bioenergy througG

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